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ba0007p17 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Sex and maturation effects on trabecular and cortical microarchitecture in children and young adults

Aye Tandy , Long Jin , Kent Kyla , Whalen Jessica , Strickland Ariana , Burghardt Andrew , Leonard Mary B

The impact of sex and maturation on trabecular (Tb) and cortical (Ct) microarchitecture in children and young adults has not been well established. The new second-generation high-resolution peripheral quantitative CT (HR-pQCT) scanner (XCT II, Scanco Medical) incorporates three important advances to provide greater spatial resolution, direct measures of Tb thickness and spacing and measures in the Ct midshaft. The aim of this study was to identify sex and maturation effects on...

ba0007p164 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Musculoskeletal deficits persist up to two years despite anti-TNF-alpha antibody therapy in children with Crohn's disease: Results of a prospective, observational inception cohort study

Jackowski Stefan A , Ma Jinhui , Benchimol Eric I , Rauch Frank , Leonard Mary B , Zemel Babette S , Matzinger Mary Ann , Shenouda Nazih , Lentle Brian , Jaremko Jacob L , Khatchadourian Karine , Robinson Marie-Eve , Konji Victor N , Siminoski Kerry , Mack David , Ward Leanne M

Objectives: To evaluate musculoskeletal trajectories in children with newly diagnosed CrohnÂ’s disease (CD), and to determine whether children treated with anti-tumour necrosis factor-alpha antibody (anti-TNF, TREATED vs NAÏVE) had persistent deficits at two years.Methods: This was a single-centre prospective, observational inception cohort study. Children with CD underwent assessments within 6.5±9.5 days from diagnosis and annually for two...