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ba0004p128 | (1) | ICCBH2015

Patients treated with anti-epileptic drugs have a higher rate of fracture and impaired bone and muscle development compared with controls: results from a pilot study

Simm Peter J , Seah Sebastian , Mackay Mark , Freeman Jeremy , Petty Sandra J , Wark John D

Epilepsy is a relatively common condition of childhood, with anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) the mainstay of medical therapy. AED use in adults has been shown to be associated with impaired bone density and increased risk of bone fracture. Paediatric data are more limited particularly in relation to fracture risk and skeletal geometry.This study aimed to examine the within-pair differences in fracture prevalence and bone, muscle and balance parameters in sex...

ba0002p62 | (1) | ICCBH2013

The effect of the ketogenic diet on the developing skeleton

Simm Peter , Bicknell-Royle Jill , Nation Judy , Draffin Kellie , Stewart Karen , Cameron Fergus , Scheffer Ingrid , Mackay Mark

Objectives: The ketogenic diet (KD) is a medically supervised, high fat, low carbohydrate and restricted protein diet which has been used successfully in patients with refractory epilepsy. Only one published report has explored its effect on the skeleton. We postulated that KD impairs bone mass accrual and examined skeletal health parameters in this patient group.Methods: Patients commenced on the KD from 2002–2009 were enrolled in a prospective, lo...