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ba0003pp100 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2014

Bone quality of metaplastic woven bone of mixed metastases: a FTIRI analysis

Chappard Daniel , Bouvard Beatrice , Masson Charles , Legrand Erick , Audran Maurice , Mabilleau Guillaume , Mieczkowska Aleksandra

Objectives: Most osteolytic tumors are in fact mixed and contain an osteoblastic component associated with the predominant osteolytic areas. This metaplastic woven bone can be evidenced on X-rays as blurred white areas but is always evidenced by histological analysis even in the absence of radiological expression. Metaplastic bone formation reflects the activation of new osteoblasts, the stimulation of the dormant lining cells due to the release of growth factors buried in the...