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ba0003pp212 | Muscle, physical activity and bone | ECTS2014

New insights in the bone-muscle axis: the novel myokine irisin is involved in skeletal metabolism

Colaianni Graziana , Cuscito Concetta , Mongelli Teresa , Oranger Angela , Mori Giorgio , Brunetti Giacomina , Colucci Silvia , Cinti Saverio , Grano Maria

It has been recently reported that, after physical exercise activity, the skeletal muscle releases Irisin, the newly identified myokine able of driving transition of white adipocytes to brown, following a phenomenon known as the browning response. This result has suggested that skeletal muscle is crucial in the regulation of energy homeostasis, supporting the idea that it can be considered an endocrine organ that targets adipose tissue by promoting energy expenditure. In accor...

ba0003pp152 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2014

Involvement of LIGHT in multiple myeloma bone disease

Oranger Angela , Brunetti Giacomina , Mori Giorgio , Carbone Claudia , Gigante Isabella , Mongelli Teresa , Taurino Grazia , Rizzi Rita , Mestice Anna , Zallone Alberta , Specchia Giorgina , Colucci Silvia , Grano Maria

Multiple myeloma (MM)-bone disease occurs in 70 to 80% of patients at MM diagnosis, and up to 90% at relapse; skeletal related events cause high morbidity and mortality. MM-bone disease consists of lytic lesions arising as a consequence of an unbalanced bone remodelling due to osteoclast (OC) activation, and osteoblast inactivation. Osteoclastogenesis may be under immune cell regulation through the production of numerous cytokines, such as LIGHT/TNFSF14, a newly identified mem...

ba0005oc4.6 | Catabolism and metabolism | ECTS2016

The myokine Irisin improves bone quality and strength

Colaianni Graziana , Cuscito Concetta , Mongelli Teresa , Pignataro Paolo , Liu Peng , Lu Ping , Mori Giorgio , Brunetti Giacomina , Yuen Tony , Sun Li , Reseland Janne , Colucci Silvia , Zaidi Mone , Cinti Saverio , Grano Maria

Irisin is a hormone-like myokine secreted from skeletal muscle in response to exercise. Considering that an intimate relationship between skeletal muscle and bone has been well established and that physical exercise physiologically stimulates the skeleton strengthening, we explored the involvement of Irisin on bone metabolism.Our findings demonstrated that the myokine Irisin improves cortical bone mass and geometry in vivo, supporting the idea t...