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ba0001pp85 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2013

The retention and bioactivity of rhBMP-2 released from a bisphosphonate-linked hyaluronan-based hydrogel

Hulsart-Billstrom Gry , Yuen Pik-Kwan , Marsell Richard , Hilborn Jons , Larsson Sune , Ossipov Dmitri

Introduction: There are several disadvantages with the present carriers used in rhBMP-2 products including risk for immunological response, inefficient release and poor handling properties. Our aim was to examine the release of rhBMP-2 from a bisphosphonate-linked hyaluronan hydrogel with the hypothesis that it would cause a slower release.Methods: Triplicates of hydrogels with rhBMP-2 and with (HA-BP) or without (HA) bisphosphonate were prepared, after ...