Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on calcified tissues

ba0001pp27 | Arthritis and other joint diseases: translational and clinical | ECTS2013

Sclerostin/MEPE axis in OA: lessons from long bone development

Staines Katherine , Poulet Blandine , Farquharson Colin , Pitsillides Andrew

The re-initiation of developmental processes in osteoarthritis (OA) has emerged with similarities to endochondral ossification; responsible for long bone development. We aimed to establish the role of the Wnt inhibitor, sclerostin in endochondral ossification, and its relationship with MEPE, a calcification inhibitor with potential downstream functions. Knee joints from male Str/ort (spontaneous OA) and age-matched CBA control mice were analysed at 8, 18, and 40+ weeks of age ...

ba0001oc6.1 | Mineralisation and energy metabolism | ECTS2013

Npp1 is a key regulator of skeletal and soft tissue mineralisation

Hajjawi Mark , MacRae Vicky , Huesa Carmen , Millan Jose Luis , Poulet Blandine , Arnett Timothy , Orriss Isabel

Ecto-nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterases (NPPs) hydrolyse nucleotide triphosphates to the corresponding nucleotide monophosphate and the mineralisation inhibitor, pyrophosphate (PPi). This investigation examined the role of NPP1 in bone and soft tissue mineralisation using a mouse model lacking NPP1(Enpp1−/−). At physiological pH 7.35, cultured Enpp1−/...