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ba0005p312 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2016

Manganese distribution in bone tissue by SR-μXRF

Turyanskaya Anna , Rauwolf Mirjam , Roschger Andreas , Prost Josef , Pemmer Bernhard , Simon Rolf , Roschger Paul , Hofstaetter Jochen G. , Landete-Castillejos Tomas , Wobrauschek Peter , Streli Christina

Contemporary elemental imaging techniques are greatly contributing into the bone research. Synchrotron radiation induced confocal micro x-ray fluorescence technique (SR-μXRF) was employed for the analysis, being the most powerful and sufficient tool in detection and characterization of trace element distributions in bone tissue. Manganese (Mn), as a potential contributor into the mechanisms of calcium incorporation into bone tissue is in the spotlight of research. Further...