Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on calcified tissues

ba0001pp33 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2013

Influence of the organic matrix of mineralized tissues on their dynamic mechanical properties assessed by scanning acoustic microscopy

Blouin Stephane , Puchegger Stephan , Klaushofer Klaus , Roschger Paul , Fratzl Peter

Mineralized tissues like bone, articular calcified cartilage or mineralized turkey leg tendon (MTLT) are build by a composite of hydroxyapatite nano-particles and organic matrix. In bone and MTLT the matrix is formed by collagen type-I, but in contrast to bone in MTLT the collagen is uniaxial orientated, while in cartilage the matrix consists of collagen type-II and proteoglycans.Composition/orientation differences were investigated by a new scanning aco...

ba0003pp19 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2014

Scanning acoustic microscopy reveals heterogeneity of mechanical properties due to collagen orientation in mice cortical bone

Blouin Stephane , Puchegger Stephan , Klaushofer Klaus , Roschger Paul , Fratzl Peter

The local mechanical properties of bone are influenced not only by the material chemical composition but also by the spatial arrangement of the component’s e.g. orientation of collagen matrix. However, not much is known about local elastic modulus variations in cortical bone. Our goal was to use acoustic imaging to map elastic properties of murine bone with a several microns resolution. Rodent long bones exhibit a permanent growth with endosteal/periosteal bone formation ...

ba0001pp41 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2013

Mechanical contrasts between osteons and interstitial bone measured by scanning acoustic microscopy

Fix Dmitri , Puchegger Stephan , Pilz-Allen Christine , Roschger Paul , Fratzl Peter , Weinkamer Richard

For a reliable assessment of bone’s material quality in a clinical environment, a fast way to measure the mechanical properties of bone is needed. The investigation of material heterogeneity and anisotropy resulting from bone remodeling and mineralization requires an imaging technique with micrometer resolution. Scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) using high-frequency lenses allows measuring the stiffness of bone under wet conditions in a non-destructive way with this spat...