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ba0001pp70 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2013

A casein-based diet leads to a better bone status than a soy protein-based diet during moderate protein restriction in growing mice

Rouy Emilien , Laroche Norbert , Blachier Francois , Tome Daniel , Vico Laurence , Blais Anne

This study aims at determining if casein would lead to a better bone status than soy in the context of a moderate protein restriction (6% of total energy intake) in growing mice.Ten-week-old female Balb/C mice were divided in four groups of 15 animals. Two groups received 6% of their energy intake as protein, one as casein and the other as soy protein. The third group was a normal-protein control receiving 20% soy protein. The last group (positive contro...