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ba0007oc2 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Adolescent pregnancy and bone density in premenopausal women

Palande Sonal , Padidela Raja , Khadilkar Anuradha , Mughal Zulf , Chiplonkar Shashi , Khadilkar Vaman , Chauthmal Sujata , Kajale Neha

Objectives: High prevalence (20%) of adolescent pregnancy (AP) (1) is observed in India. Reports suggest that pregnancy during adolescence may have deleterious effects on peak bone mass (2). Few reports have described the long-term effects of history of AP on bone. The objective of this study was to compare bone density and geometry of premenopausal women having delivered first child during adolescence (before age of 19 years) or after 19 years.Methods: ...

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Determinants of muscle function in 6 to 11 year old rural Indian children

Palande Sonal , Ekbote Veena , Chauthmal Sujata , Vispute Smruti , Chiplonkar Shashi , Khadilkar Vaman , Khadilkar Anuradha

Objective: Children in rural areas have inadequate nutritional intake, hence their muscle function may be compromised. The objective of this study was to study the determinants of muscle function in rural Indian school going children.Methods: We cross sectionally studied 232 prepubertal school going children (106 girls) aged 6–11 years, from 2 different villages in rural area around Pune city in July 2018. Height, weight, body composition (bioelectr...

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Use of DXA and pQCT measurements to screen for fracture risk in 3 to 18 year old poorly chelated thalassaemic children

Palande Sonal , Ekbote Veena , Chilplonkar Shashi , Chauthmal Sujata , Khadilkar Vaman , Ramanan Vijay , Khadilkar Anuradha , Padidela Raja , Mughal Zulf , Crabtree Nicola

Objectives: Low bone mineral density has been reported in children with beta thalassemia major, they also have increased propensity to fracture. We have studied DXA and pQCT variables in poorly chelated 3 to 18 year old thalassaemic patients and their relationship with fractures in this population.Methods: We studied 167, 3 to 18 year old children (Girls 72) with beta thalassemia major. Bone measurements were performed by GE iDXA (Lumbar Spine, Total bod...