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ba0004p19 | (1) | ICCBH2015

The role of body composition in the relationship between lifestyle factors and bone parameters of young children

Sioen Isabelle , Solis-Trapala Ivonne , De Schepper Jean , Roggen Inge , Goemaere Stefan , De Henauw Stefaan , Ward Kate

Objectives: Maximising peak bone mass (PBM) during growth is an essential part in the prevention of fractures and osteoporosis later in life. Two of the most important modifiable factors influencing PBM are diet and physical activity (PA). These factors can have either a direct or indirect effect on bone. For example, increasing PA would increase loads directly to the bone or cause muscle changes which would drive changes in bone. This study aimed to assess whether there was a...

ba0007p107 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Sex differences in the longitudinal associations between body composition and bone stiffness index in European children and adolescents

Cheng Lan , Pohlabeln Hermann , Ahrens Wolfgang , Russo Paola , Veidebaum Toomas , Chadjigeorgiou Charalambos , Molnar Denes , Eiben Gabriele , De Henauw Stefaan , Moreno Luis , Page Angie , Hebestreit Antje

Objectives: The present study aims to evaluate the longitudinal association of fat mass (FM), fat free mass (FFM) with bone stiffness index (BSI) in European children and adolescents over 2 and 6 years follow-up. METHODS: We included children of the IDEFICS/I. Family cohort, who participated in repeated measurements of BSI using calcaneal quantitative ultrasound (QUS), body composition using skinfold thickness, sedentary behaviours (SB) and physical activity (PA) using self-ad...