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ba0001pp222 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2013

Mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase 1 activates osteoclastogenesis in vitro and plays critical roles in bone destruction in vivo

Kim Hong-Hee , Ha Jeongim

Osteoclasts are cells specialized for resorption of calcified tissue. Osteoclasts are formed from precursor cells of monocyte lineage under the control of receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB ligand (RANKL). Mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase 1 (MSK1) has been reported to be an important regulator of immune response and mitogenic signaling. In this study, we for the first time found that MSK1 was activated by RANKL in osteoclast precursor, bone marrow macropha...

ba0005p347 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Development of Korean Fracture Risk Score predicting osteoporotic fracture risk: analysis of data from the Korean National Health Insurance Service

Kim Ha-Young , Jang Eun-Jin , Park Byeong Ju , Ha Y-C , Jang Sunmee

Background: Asian-specific prediction model for estimating the individual risk of osteoporotic fracture was rare. We aimed to develop a Korean fracture risk prediction model using clinical risk factors and assess external validity of the final model.Methods: A total of 718,306 Korean men and women aged 50–90 were followed for 7 years in national system based cohort study. Fifty percent were randomly assigned to the development dataset and 50% to the...

ba0005lb7 | (1) | ECTS2016

Dose bisphosphonate-based anti-osteoporosis medication affect osteoporotic spinal fracture healing?

Ha Kee-Yong , Kim Young-Hoon , Kim Sang-Il

Introduction: The purpose of this prospective study is to investigate whether bisphosphonate-based anti-osteoporosis medication affects fracture healing and clinical outcomes of conservatively treated osteoporotic spinal fractures (OSFs).Method: A total of 105 patients who were diagnosed with acute OSFs were prospectively enrolled. According to their previous medication history, the patients were allocated into group I (n=39, no history of bisph...

ba0005p340 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Current trends and future projection of hip fracture in South Korea using nationwide claims data

Ha Yong-Chan , Kim Deog-Yoon , Lee Young-Kyun , Kim Ha-Young , Cho Eun-Hee , Jang Sunmee

Introduction: The purposes of this study were to evaluate the trends in the incidence and mortality of hip fracture between 2008 and 2012, and predict the number of hip fractures in Korea up to 2025, using nationwide claims data.Methods: Nationwide claims data managed by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) was used to identify patients with hip fracture. All new visits or admissions to medical institutes for hip fracture aged 50 years or more be...

ba0005p341 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Trend of incidence, mortality, and future projection of vertebral fracture in Korea using nationwide claims data

Lee Young-Kyun , Kim Tae-Young , Jang Sunmee , Kim Ha-Young , Kim Deog-Yoon , Cho Eun-Hee , Ha Yong-Chan

Introduction: Vertebral fracture has been recognized as a major health concern. Our purposes were to evaluate the trends in the incidence and mortality of vertebral fracture between 2008 and 2012 and predict the number of vertebral fracture that will occur in Korea up to 2025, using nationwide data from the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS).Method: A nationwide data set was evaluated to identify all new visits to medical institutes for vertebral f...

ba0003pp170 | Cell biology: osteoclasts and bone resorption | ECTS2014

DBZ, a γ-secretase inhibitor, suppresses bone resorption by inhibiting c-Src activity

Jin Won Jong , Kim Ha-Neui , Kim Hong-Hee , Lee Zang Hee

Tyrosine kinase c-Src plays an important role in actin ring formation and bone resorption activity in osteoclasts. Therefore, c-Src has been targeted for the treatment of osteolytic disorders. In the present study, we investigated anti-resorptive effect of dibenzazepine (DBZ), one of the γ-secretase inhibitors (GSIs), on osteoclast-mediated excessive bone resorption. DBZ did not affect osteoclast differentiation, but disturbed actin ring formation and inhibited osteoclast...

ba0005p391 | Osteoporosis: treatment | ECTS2016

Prevalence of osteoporosis and effectiveness of screening test using ultrasound bone densitometry and education in a community-dwelling population

Ha Yong-Chan , Kim Deog-Yoon , Lee Young-Kyun , Cho Eun-Hee , Kwon Gi-Doo

Background: In 2004, we reported a 48.1% prevalence of osteoporosis in an Ibansung cohort. The current prospective intervention study was undertaken in order to estimate the prevalence of osteoporosis from 2004 to 2015 and the increasing treatment rate of osteoporosis following osteoporosis screening tests with ultrasound bone densitometry and education in the same cohort.Methods: From November 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015, 960 adults ≥50 years of ag...

ba0001pp151 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2013

Trolox inhibits breast cancer bone metastasis and bone destruction through suppression of PGE2 production

Lee Jong-Ho , Ha Hyunil , Jin Won Jong , Kim Sun-Don , Jung Jin Suk , Hong-Hee Kim , Lee Zang Hee

The skeleton is a preferred site of metastasis in patients with advanced breast cancer, and bone loss is one of the major complications of breast cancer metastasis. Therefore, prevention of bone metastasis is clinically important. Our previous observation of an anti-osteoclastic activity of Trolox, a vitamin E analogue, led us to investigate whether Trolox could inhibit bone metastasis and bone destruction induced by breast cancer. I.P. administration of Trolox markedly inhibi...

ba0004p193 | (1) | ICCBH2015

Aggravated bone density decline following symptomatic osteonecrosis in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

den Hoed MAH , SMF Pluijm , de Groot-Kruseman HA , Fiocco M , Hoogerbrugge P , JA Leeuw , MCA Bruin , van der Sluis IM , Bresters D , MH Lequin , JC Roos , AJP Veerman , Pieters R , van den Heuvel-Eibrink MM

Objectives: Osteonecrosis (ON) and decline of bone mineral density (BMD) are serious side effects during and after treatment of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). It is unknown whether ON and low BMD co-occur in the same patients, and whether these two osteogenic side-effects can mutually influence each other’s development.Methods: BMD and the incidence of symptomatic ON were prospectively assessed in a national cohort of 466 patients wit...

ba0007p19 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Progresive-deforming form of osteogenesis imperfecta in neonates – own experience

Jakubowska-Pietkiewicz Elżbieta , Rusińska Agnieszka , Michałus Izabela , Chlebna-Sokoł Danuta , Bartosik Paulina , Woźniak Elżbieta , Haładaj Katarzyna

Fractures of long bone and ribs in the neonatal period may be expression of genetic disturbances of collagen type I production. The aim of the study was to present clinical symptoms, laboratory, radiological and densitometric data in 27 newborns with osteogenesis imperfecta type III.Methods: Medical history, clinical examination and radiographs of 27 children hospitalized in the Department of Paediatrics, Neonatal Pathology and Bone Metabolism Diseases w...