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ba0007p41 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Increased prevalence of fractures in poorly chelated children with beta thalassemia

Palande Sonal , Ekbote Veena , Padidela Raja , Mughal Zulf , Khadilkar Anuradha , Khadilkar Vaman , Kariki Eleni , Crabtree Nicola

Objectives: Patients with beta Thalassemia have been reported to have low bone mass; poorly chelated patients are likely to be at an even higher risk. Pubertal delay, hypogonadism, and reduced physical activity and sunlight exposure are likely to be additional contributors to poor bone health and increased fracture risk. The objective of our study was to assess the prevalence of fractures in Indian underprivileged, poorly chelated thalassaemic children.M...

ba0007lb2 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Lumbar spine quantitative computed tomography (QCT) is a better predictor of vertebral fracture in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) than either DXA or peripheral QCT

Crabtree Nicola , Machin Michael , Padidela Raja , Kariki Eleni , Hughes Imelda , Shaw Nick , Mughal Zulf

Objectives: Vertebral fractures are common in boys with DMD taking daily corticosteroids. Treatment is usually initiated when vertebral fractures have been identified. However, prophylactic treatment may be possible if reliable risk factors for vertebral fracture can be identified. The aim of this work was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of three different bone strength assessment techniques in a cohort of DMD boys.Methods: Thirty-three boys with DMD ...