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ba0005oc6.4 | Development and differentiation (or Aging) | ECTS2016

Extranuclear effects of estrogen on cortical bone in males is dependent on estrogen receptor A activation function-1

Farman Helen , Wu Jianyao , Gustafsson Karin , Windahl Sara , Kim Sung , Katzenellenbogen John , Ohlsson Claes , Lagerquist Marie

Estradiol (E2) signaling via estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) is important for the male skeleton as demonstrated by ERα inactivation in both mice and man. ERα mediates estrogenic effects by translocating to the nucleus and there affects gene transcription, but some effects can also be mediated via extra-nuclear actions of the receptor by, e.g., triggering cytoplasmic signaling cascades. ERα contains various domains and the role of activation functio...

ba0005p295 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2016

Risk factors for subsequent vertebral compression fracture following osteoporotic compression fracture

Soo Kim Sung , Hwan Kim Jin , Hoon Kim Jung , Wan Choi Byung , Hyun Lee Dong

Objectives: To evaluate risk factors of subsequent vertebral fracture following acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture.Methods: As a multicenter retrospective study, we recruited 135 patients treated for acute osteoporotic compression fracture with available spine image taken at 1-year follow-up in three hospitals. The patients were divided into two groups according to occurrence of subsequent vertebral fracture. Two groups were analyzed with ...