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ba0003pp97 | Cancer and bone: basic, translational and clinical | ECTS2014

TRAF2, but not TRAF6, regulates breast cancer induced osteoclastogenesis and osteolysis.

Peramuhendige Prabha , Marino Silvia , Mollat Patrick , Idris Aymen I.

Tumour necrosis factor receptor associated factors (TRAFs) play a key role in signal transduction in mammalian cells. Several members of the TRAF family have been identified but only TRAF2 and TRAF6 are implicated in the regulation of osteoclastogenesis. Here we studied the role of TRAF2 and TRAF6 in breast cancer induced bone cell activity and osteolysis. We observed that TRAF2, but not TRAF6, is highly expressed in the human MDA-MB-231 (MDA-231) bone-seeking breast cancer ce...

ba0005oc4.1 | Catabolism and metabolism | ECTS2016

A small molecule inhibitor of TRAF6 dependent signaling reduces osteoclastogenesis and prevents ovariectomy induced bone loss

Marino Silvia , Bishop Ryan , Bendle Gavin , Nicolaes Gerry , Lutgens Esther , Idris Aymen

Tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6) plays a key role in osteoclastogenesis through the regulation of RANK/CD40 TRAF6-mediated signaling. Mice deficient in TRAF6 exhibit high bone mass and were protected against inflammation-induced bone loss. Here we describe the effects of a small-molecule 6877002 that has been shown to prevent the binding of TRAF6 to its domain on RANK/CD40 receptor on osteoclast formation in vitro and in vivo and on...

ba0003oc5.2 | Important pathways in bone biology and cancer | ECTS2014

Regulation of bone metastasis by the IKKβ/FoxO3a axis

Marino Silvia , Logan John G. , Sophocleous Antonia , Mollat Patrick , Mognetti Barbara , Ventura Luca , Sims Andrew H. , Rucci Nadia , Ralston Stuart H. , Idris Aymen I.

IκB Kinase β (IKKβ), a key component of NFκB signaling, plays an important role in bone disease and cancer. Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of IKKβ/NFκB signaling increase bone mass and protect against ovariectomy- and inflammation-induced bone loss. Here, we describe a previously unknown role of the IKKβ/FoxO3a axis in bone metastasis associated with breast cancer. We observed that IKKβ expression is prevalent in invasive breast ...