Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences on calcified tissues

ba0003pp2 | Arthritis and other joint diseases: translational and clinical | ECTS2014

Bone marrow lesions are characterized by increased bone turnover and increased vascularity

Shabestari Maziar , Vik Jarle , Reseland Janne , Eriksen Erik Fink

Bone marrow lesions (BMLs), previously denoted bone marrow edema are detected as water signals on MR scans (low intensity on T1 weighted images and high intensity on T2 weighted scans). Previous histologic studies were unable to demonstrate any edematous changes at the tissue level, which led us to hypothesize that the water signal stems from increased vascularization accompanying a high turnover state in bone. To test this hypothesis we performed tetracy...

ba0003pp128 | Cell biology: osteoblasts and bone formation | ECTS2014

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is involved in bone and energy homeostasis: Effects on osteoblast, adipocyte and β-cell regulatory loops

Gordeladze Jan Oxholm , Reseland Janne Elin , Moller Mona

Uncarboxylated osteocalcin, allegedly via G-protein coupled receptors, interacts with adipocytes and pancreatic β-cells, thus affecting metabolic homeostasis. Here, we demonstrate that MK-7 directly and indirectly, via osteocalcin, modulates the endocrine functions of both β-cells and adipocytes.• It was shown (by applying the Mir@nt@n-based emulation algorithm) that MK-7 was involved in a network of intracellular regulat...

ba0003pp63 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2014

Adiponectin induce elasticity of bones

Haugen Sigrid , Sundaresan Alamelu , Tiainen Hanna , Stunes Kamilla , Syversen Unni , Gordeladze Jan O , Reseland Janne

It is known that body weight is positively correlated with increased bone mineral density and decreased fracture risk. Adiponectin is expressed in bone forming cells, and administration of adiponectin has been demonstrated to stimulated osteoblast proliferation. The overall role of adiponectin in bone metabolism remains unrevealed as both stimulated and inhibiting effects on osteoclastogenesis have been reported. We aimed at describing the relationship between adiponectin and ...

ba0005p68 | Bone development/growth and fracture repair | ECTS2016

Adiponectin prevents orthodontic tooth movement in rats

Haugen Sigrid , Matre Aasarod Kristin , Kamilla Stunes Astrid , Peder Mosti Mats , Franzen Tanya , Vandevska-Radunovich Vaska , Syversen Unni , Reseland Janne

Adiponectin may play a role in both bone and periodontal remodeling. In this study, the effect of repetitive local administration of human recombinant adiponectin on experimental tooth movement was examined.The first molar of 24 male Wistar rats was moved mesially by a closed coil spring ligated to the molar and anchored to the incisors in front for 14 days, with adiponectin injections every 3rd day. Amount of tooth movement was examined by feeler gauge ...

ba0003oc3.6 | Osteoclasts, gastric hormones and HIF | ECTS2014

Skeletal effects of the gastrin receptor antagonist netazepide in H+/K+ATPase beta-subunit deficient mice

Aasarod Kristin Matre , Koldeh Masoud Ramezanzadeh , Mosti Mats Peder , Stunes Astrid Kamilla , Viggaklev Bjorn Ivar , Reseland Janne Elin , Beisvag Vidar , Sandvik Arne Kristian , Skallerud Bjorn Helge , Syversen Unni , Fossmark Reidar

Epidemiological studies suggest that patients using proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have increased fracture risk. We have previously shown that H+/K+ATPase beta-subunit knockout (KO) mice have reduced BMD, BMC and mechanical bone strength compared to WT. Like users of PPIs, these mice have elevated serum gastrin levels due to high gastric pH. We wanted to study whether elevated gastrin influences bone quality in these mice.Female KO and WT mice aged 6 week...

ba0005oc4.6 | Catabolism and metabolism | ECTS2016

The myokine Irisin improves bone quality and strength

Colaianni Graziana , Cuscito Concetta , Mongelli Teresa , Pignataro Paolo , Liu Peng , Lu Ping , Mori Giorgio , Brunetti Giacomina , Yuen Tony , Sun Li , Reseland Janne , Colucci Silvia , Zaidi Mone , Cinti Saverio , Grano Maria

Irisin is a hormone-like myokine secreted from skeletal muscle in response to exercise. Considering that an intimate relationship between skeletal muscle and bone has been well established and that physical exercise physiologically stimulates the skeleton strengthening, we explored the involvement of Irisin on bone metabolism.Our findings demonstrated that the myokine Irisin improves cortical bone mass and geometry in vivo, supporting the idea t...