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ba0001pp289 | Muscle, physical activity and bone | ECTS2013

The outcomes and costs of falls in elderly women

Tamulaityte-Morozoviene Inga , Alekna Vidmantas , Stukas Rimantas , Tamulaitiene Marija

Objective: To examine the outcomes and costs of direct medical care for falls in elderly women in Lithuania.Methods: Women aged 65 years and older, who visited National Osteoporosis Center for diagnostic or treatment procedures. Thereafter a telephone survey was performed using the questionnaire with 28 questions about the number, circumstances, and consequences of falls. The cost of health care due to fall was estimated after calculating the sum of cost...

ba0003pp228 | Osteoporosis: evaluation and imaging | ECTS2014

Changes of health-related quality of life 36 months after vertebral and distal forearm fracture: results from Icuros in Lithuania

Tamulaitiene Marija , Sinkeviciene Violeta , Kalibatiene Danute , Borgstrom Fredrik , Alekna Vidmantas

Objective: To evaluate the changes of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) 36 months after fracture in patients from Lithuania following vertebral or forearm fractures.Material and methods: Patients aged 50 years and older, with low energy trauma clinical vertebral fracture (VFx) or distal forearm fracture (FFx), enrolled and observed for 18 months in the International Costs and Utilities Related to Osteoporotic fractures Study (ICUROS) in Lithuania, w...

ba0005p36 | Bone biomechanics and quality | ECTS2016

Finite element analysis of osteoporotic lumbar vertebrae L1 under dynamic loading

Ardatov Oleg , Alekna Vidmantas , Maknickas Algirdas , Tamulaitiene Marija , Kacianauskas Rimantas

The present study introduces in silico analysis of osteoporotic lumbar vertebrae L1 due to dynamic compressive load.Objective: To define the reduction of load carrying capacity caused by various grades of osteoporosis.Materials and methods: The three-dimensional inhomogeneous continuum problem was formulated for simulation purposes. The L1 vertebra model consists of cortical shell, trabecular network and poste...

ba0005p268 | Muscle, physical activity and bone | ECTS2016

Association of frailty with vitamin D in elderly women

Alekna Vidmantas , Mastaviciute Asta , Kilaite Justina , Tamulaitiene Marija

Objective: To investigate the relationship of frailty with vitamin D in community dwelling elderly women.Materials and methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study was performed on women over 60 years who were not using vitamin D supplementations. Frailty status was defined using Fried’s criteria: weakness, low walking speed, low physical activity, weight loss, exhaustion. Participants were classified as robust, prefrail and frail if they scored 0...

ba0005p370 | Osteoporosis: pathophysiology and epidemiology | ECTS2016

Incidence of hip fracture in 2010 in Lithuanian residents over 40 years of age

Tamulaitiene Marija , Mastaviciute Asta , Urmanavicius Matas , Martinaityte Raminta , Alekna Vidmantas

Objective: To assess the incidence and distribution of hip fractures by sex and age among individuals over 40 years in Lithuania in 2010.Materials and methods: This population-based study was performed collecting the data from all orthopaedic-traumatology inpatient departments in Lithuania. The case histories of Lithuanian residents over 40 years, who had suffered a hip fracture in 2010, were examined. Subjects with primary hip fracture (ICD-10 codes S72...