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ba0002oc18 | Diagnostics | ICCBH2013

Trabecular bone score applied to normal children's lumbar spine DXA scans

Adams Judith , Marjanovic Elizabeth , Roberts Stephen , Mughal Zulf , Ward Kate

Trabecular bone score (TBS) extracts a texture parameter from pixel grey-level variations in DXA lumbar spine images. The TBS is claimed to be a measure of trabecular structure and was validated in an in-vitro study of vertebral bodies with micro-CT1. TBS has shown the potential for fracture pre-diction in adults2. However, data are sparse regarding the reliability and usefulness of TBS3 and the method has not previously been applied i...

ba0002p59 | (1) | ICCBH2013

The rapid effect of vibration on bone formation and resorption in the growing skeleton

Harrison Rachel , Ward Kate , Lee Ellen , Bishop Nick

Background: Mechanical stimulation is thought to be critical for bone anabolic activity. It is unclear how quickly the growing skeleton responds to additional externally-applied mechanical stimuli. We wished to determine the acute effect of a standardised mechanical stimulus to the growing skeleton.Objectives: To determine the acute time course and magnitude of bone’s response to whole body vibration (WBV) in pre-pubertal boys.<p class="abstext"...

ba0004p129 | (1) | ICCBH2015

Cortical area and volumetric density during pubertal growth: longitudinal analysis in black and white South African adolescent males

Schoenbuchner Simon , Ward Kate , Norris Shane , Prentice Ann , Pettifor John

Skeletal development during childhood and adolescence is an important determinant of adult bone health. Patterns of growth differ between populations, but it is unclear how these differences relate to changes in bone size and volumetric density. We aimed to examine ethnic differences in skeletal phenotype in the context of pubertal growth and development in 279 adolescent males from Johannesburg, South Africa.We performed annual peripheral quantitative c...

ba0004p167 | (1) | ICCBH2015

Muscle power and force are predictors of bone microarchitecture and strength in healthy children and adolescents measured by high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography and jumping mechanography

Riddell Amy , Solis-Trapala Ivonne , Prentice Ann , Ward Kate

Puberty is a time for the development of sexual dimorphism in bone and muscle. The aim of this study was to compare sex differences in bone and muscle variables using high-resolution peripheral QCT (HR-pQCT) and jumping mechanography (JM) in children and adolescents. We hypothesised that sex differences to muscle force and power (Fmax and Pmax) may explain differences in bone strength.Total cross-sectional area and density (Tt.CSA and D100), cortical bon...

ba0006p159 | (1) | ICCBH2017

Maternal calcium supplementation in a rural Gambian population associated with reduced blood pressure among adolescent female, but not male, offspring

Schoenbuchner Simon , Moore Sophie , Jarjou Landing , Ward Kate , Prentice Ann

We have previously observed sex-specific effects of maternal calcium supplementation on offspring childhood growth, in a rural Gambian population with habitually low calcium intake (~300 mg daily).1,2 There was no effect on maternal blood pressure, the primary outcome of the original trial.3 In this study, we aim to investigate effects on offspring blood pressure (BP) in the same cohort. We recruited children (205 female, 182 male) born following a random...

ba0006p160 | (1) | ICCBH2017

Maternal calcium supplementation in a rural Gambian population associated with reduced height and weight among adolescent female, but not male, offspring

Schoenbuchner Simon , Moore Sophie , Jarjou Landing , Prentice Ann , Ward Kate

We have previously reported sex-specific effects of prepubertal calcium supplementation on the timing of adolescent growth,1 as well as sex-specific effects of maternal calcium supplementation on offspring childhood growth,2,3 in a rural Gambian population with habitually low calcium intake (~300 mg daily). In this study, we aim to investigate longer-term effects of maternal calcium supplementation on adolescent growth in same cohort. We recruited childre...

ba0007p25 | (1) | ICCBH2019

Short term mechanical stimulation using whole body vibration identifies differences in bone response between prepubertal boys with and without prior fracture

Harrison Rachel , Ward Kate , Rigby Alan , Gossiel Fatma , Bishop Nick

Objectives: Previously we have shown in healthy pre-pubertal boys that short periods of whole body vibration (WBV) increased the bone formation marker PINP by 25.1% and resorption marker CTX by 10.9%. The aim of this study was to see if otherwise healthy boys with a history of fracture would respond to WBV in the same way.Methods: In addition to 11 pre-pubertal boys measured previously in the same way, 20 pre-pubertal boys aged 7-13 years, who were at le...

ba0001pp307 | Muscle, physical activity and bone | ECTS2013

Muscle power and force may influence cortical bone strength via distinct mechanisms: findings from a cross sectional study of high bone mass cases and controls

Hardcastle Sarah A , Gregson Celia L , Rittweger Jorn , Ward Kate A , Tobias Jon H

Background: Relationships between muscle function and bone have been examined using a range of techniques, with conflicting results. We aimed to determine these associations within an adult population comprising individuals with high bone mass and family controls.Methods: Recruitment was from four UK sites within the high bone mass (HBM) study; cases and unaffected family controls were pooled. Peak ground reaction force and peak power, during a multiple ...

ba0002oc16 | Diagnostics | ICCBH2013

Longitudinal analysis of volumetric density, size and strength towards the end of skeletal maturation in Gambian males habituated to low calcium intake

Schoenbuchner Simon , Prentice Ann , Sawo Yankuba , Ceesay Mustapha , Mendy Michael , Ward Kate

To understand differences in bone health between and within populations, it is crucial to characterise bone development during childhood and adolescence. Peak height velocity at age 16 and young adult height at age 23.5 years were recently reported in Gambian males accustomed to low calcium intake1. Our study aims to describe bone accrual after peak height velocity in the same population.We used peripheral quantitative computed tomography to m...

ba0004oc20 | (1) | ICCBH2015

The effect of calcium supplementation on adolescent bone growth in pre-pubertal Gambian females: a 12-year follow-up study

Ward Kate , Cole Tim , Laskey Ann , Ceesay Mustapha , Mendy Michael , Prentice Ann

In rural Gambian prepubertal children with low calcium intakes (mean 300 mg/day) we reported positive effects, sustained for at least a year (y), on bone mineral content (BMC) after 12 months supplementation with calcium carbonate to international levels1,2. The group was followed up regularly until the end of height growth, and supplementation did not affect height growth in the girls3. Our aim was to determine whether the supplementation altered the tim...